¡Viva la Vida!


"Revolution is not death, nor imposition nor submission, nor fanaticism.  Revolution is new life, the belief and struggle for a just and dignified society… ... ¡Viva la Vida! - Long Live Life!”

María Elena Moyano, 1991


Premiere- Mai 2022, NRW, Germany

Documentary about the life of Maria Elena Moyano and the project „Viva, la Vida!“

The chamber ensemble Sinfonietta VivazzA is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Dutch-Peruvian composer Maria Alejandra Castro Espejo on a comission that celebrates the life of the Peruvian activist, feminist and community leader María Elena Moyano (1958-1992). This project will feature Sinfonietta VivazzA with a soprano soloist (who will embody the character of Moyano) and will be premiered in 2022. ¡Viva la Vida! will explore the tragedy of Moyano’s assassination and pay tribute to her fight for equality and women’s empowerment. In 1998, a movie was released based on her life; however, this new, 45-minute dramatic song cycle will be the first musical composition written about Moyano (2022 marking 30 years since Moyano’s death).

The Composition commission as well as the development of this projeckt ist partially funded through the Fonds Podiumkunsten/Performing Arts Fund of the Netherlands, Gran Teatro Nacional (Ministery of Culture) in Lima, Peru, an Artist´s Stipend as part of the „NRW-Corona-Hilfen“, a small grant from the IFM Köln e.V. and the city of Cologne, as well as a Ensemble Grant from the NEUSTART KULTUR Programms des Musikfonds der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.